this is me

I have worked in the U.S. and Europe extensively throughout the past 10+ years as a freelance Creative Designer / Full Stack Engineer. I create UI/UX Designs as well as develop applications for companies staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends & scripts. I focus on Front-end development, but I am also knowledgeable with PHP, AJAX, JSON and other back-end languages.

2013-Present Freelancer Available

full-stack engineer / Creative Designer / Tech Lead

Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Banners
CSS3, Javascript, HTML5, React, ThreeJS, WebGL, TypeScript
NodeJS, PHP, APIs, Sysadmin, Devops, MySQL, SVN, Git
Salesforce, Wordpress
Mobile, React Native, Electron, AWS, Google, Firebase
Jira, Asana, InVision App, DoneDone, Basecamp, Slack
Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Custom Frameworks

Tech Lead / Frontend Developer

  • UI/UX Design
  • React JS / jQuery / Three.js / Node
  • admin panel
  • wordpress
  • salesforce

I managed the projects from start to finish based on clients needs. The main focus was on Banner Development and Web Applications as well as developing web based games. You can see my letter of reccommendation here

bsc in computer science

I graduated with a Magna Cum Laude from International Academy of Design and Technology. I finished this in Tampa Bay, Florida. I have also received 2nd place in the USA for Student Addy Awards. View here

What i do

Technological Leader / Team Builder

Technology Leader / Team Builder

Over the years, I have designed client remote teams with freelancers from all over the world. Daily SCRUM meetings and project overview planning for an agile workflow.

I have consulted for companies as well, providing hiring advice as well as project and technology advancements.

Design and Code

Design and Code

I have been doing Design with Photoshop / Illustrator for 15+ years, even before I started coding. Once I studied for my Bachelors in Web Development, I noticed how important it was to be able to work on both design and code.

Senior JavaScript Developer

Senior JavaScript Developer

Javascript is my main language, also by choice. I have coded games, mobile apps, websites and other applications. I am a Senior Javascript developer using all the latest trends, React JS, Angular, NODE JS etc.

AMP / SEO Optimized Pages

AMP / SEO Optimized Pages

I focus on SEO optimized HTML and prioitized content to get the most out of Google's search engines. I have worked on many different platforms and used a range of SEO Tools to maximize website performance. I am able to optimize existing pages, utilize various methods to get fast page speed and valid AMP pages.

Responsive Newsletters / HTML 5 Banners

HTML5 Banners and Marketing Newsletters have been a major part of work the past years. Making Responsive newsletters for all mail clients and creating Google Display Network Ready HTMl5 Banners is something that I offer from Design to Code.

I have samples below of my works.

My Services

web design

From white screen to fully intuitive application I can bring your project to life in just a matter of days.

web development

Mostly Front-End Development with extensive knowledge in PHP / MySQL / Laravel etc. I offer many web services

Team Management

Ive travelled to India to train a team for remote work and managed a team of 8+ freelancers for clients. I usually hold SCRUM meetings to manage projects.


I have a lot of expierence with SEO and AMP Mobile pages, this is a service I include with all my projects as a standard.


Got a website already? Need help upgrading or optimizing? I can support a number of projects in both management / code.


Need a Custom Plugin for Wordpress of Custom applications? I got your back, this is usually a good idea to avoid paid plugins with constant updates etc.


Design / Code Work

Wipeout 3D Modal Configurator

This 3D modal configurator online tool is for users to create / share their customized 3D modal of a wipeout ship.


Neni am Naschmarkt

I have been working with NENI for 3+ years on various projects websites. I currently optimized the page design / SEO / Pagespeed etc for this site. The new version will be released shortly!


iMessage Sticker Application (Custom Code)

This is an iMessage extension application I made for a client, using custom code to take advantage of the whole view controller abilities. Check it out!


PlayStation VR Tour

This is a custom google map integration for PlayStation VR Tour around Europe. I made this with a custom backend for import / export events and search features within google maps.



I am part of the Demoscene, and each year I make the website for the party in Bratislava, Slovakia. Demobit 2018 is near!


GT Sport - The Card Game

I worked on this card game for GT Sport that is used as an iframe on the playstation.com site. The goal was to generate more users to buy the game, this was incentive to view all of the available cars in the game.


PlayStation Event App iOS/Android

This is the PlayStation Event app for PlayStations large events. This app was made for Gamescom this year in Koln, Germany August 2017. This was designed in Photoshop and created with React-Native JS Framework.


Inside PlayStation | PS4 Application

I made this app with integration of the youtube channel on the ps4. This was a big job and very interesting to be a part of :)


Ertrags Retter Web Game with JS

I made this game for Erstebank Sparkasse. The goal was to show users their new investment methods. I created this using phaser.js and this was a success!


Kaiserhof Gewinnspiel

A similar game to the previous Project, however this once introduces background effect and a new game mechanic. The goal of this game was to send users a newsletter with a link to the game, in order for them to get a chance to win a free weekend at the resort.


Nomade Moderne

I joined together with the creator of hats to make this simple custom e-shop running on my custom backend framework. The photos speak for themselves.


Glasbau-Fuchs Wordpress Code/Re-Design

This is a basic redesign of a homepage. The page was outdated and I have updated it to a modern look and feel with great content visibility. Currently hosting development version on my server.


PlayStation Influencer Network

This was made for all of the infleuncers of PlayStation. I managed this projects release and did the UI/UX Design of the admin interface and also managed the feedback with the client. Along with another backend developer, we made this great platform.


PlayStation Plus

This site was made as a landing page for advertisements. The content on the page is adjusted based on the cookies found in the google url the user came from. There are 6 landing pages in total, each time you visit, the content will change. Try it out!


Digi-tal PlayStation DE

This is a custom wordpress theme with many kinds of modules. Bringing all of the Digital News of PS european wide!


Aurea Support Platform

I have made the aurea support platform frontend / backend of the latest update. This job required communication with developers and team leaders in India / Austria. I can show you more upon request.


Rock the island 2016

I made the 2016 version of the Rock the Island Festival and Donauinselfest Websites. I can show you more upon request.


Digital Eco Systems

A redesign of the clients exisiting page and custom wordpress integration. This was more of simple project to create a landing page that is easy to use and says little to explain a lot.


HTML 5 Banner Examples

I make banners for many years, and started with html5 once they came around. I have done a large amount of Flash - HTML5 conversions and also made many many projects from design - development.

Previous Projects:
With dynamic content.

Complex Design:

Basic Campaign:


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